Tomorrow together

Humanizing the retirement saving process

Date & duration: 2022 – 2 months

Skills: User research – UI & UX design

Brief: A more human approach to the retirement savings process

Retirement supplements can appear as an alternative to the French retirement system, which is currently under pressure. However, these financial products are negatively perceived: a real obstacle to their adoption by many people. Our challenge: to humanize retirement savings.

Communities of practice for savers

After various interviews, we went to the senior citizens’ fair. We used a card game to trigger discussion on the subject of retirement savings and thus established five typical profiles at the origin of four communities of practice.
Composed of savers, these communities benefit from offers centered on their shared interests: for instance, committed people have access to a vast ecosystem of associations!

A saving process based on collective and intergenerational sharing

Because a retirement project could be built as soon as you enter working life, we have chosen intergenerational sharing as a community lever. Therefore, if today Lucie is involved in the shared gardens association and can save for her sustainable community vegetable garden project, it is thanks to the ecosystem of committed savers – of which Albert has been a member for 20 years!