Tennis club’s fresco

Tennis club’s Fresco 

Designing a fresco for the Codognan’s tennis club.

The Codognan’s tennis club is an important place for sportspersons in Codognan and really matters for my two brothers who both play tennis. That’s why taking part in the tennis club’s renovation voluntarily was an evidence. 


3 days

Third year



Painting, drawing


In order to renovate the Codognan’s tennis club (South of France), creating a fresco on the central counter. 

Representing a state of mind

I wanted to paint a fresco which could means something to everyone, children or adults. As the tennis club welcomes competitions, it seems important to me that values like solidarity, respect or fair-play had to be represented, visible to everyone, soothing.  

Early sketches

Article published in the Midi Libre, a local paper. 

Watercolor study 

300/72 cm Fresco 

The size of the counter was challenging, that’s also part of the reasons that makes me say yes to this project. That was something I had never done before and I appreciated it. Doing this painting was a real pleasure.  

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