Responsible Digital Advertising

Analysis and definition of responsible digital advertising 

Date & duration: 2021 – 3 months

Skills: Research project – Cartography (Graph commons) – Interviews  

Brief: Analysis of the digital advertising ecosystem and its main challenges. Definition of a responsible digital advertising. 

Working at Good in Tech, I had the opportunity to conduct research about responsible digital advertising. As a growing subject, digital advertising encounters many challenges: privacy, advertising formats, environmental impact and algorithms, among others. 

This research was conducted along with Christine Balagué, Professor at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and Co-holder of the Good In Tech Chair and Kevin Mellet, Assistant Professor of Sociology at SciencesPo.

Analysis and definition of a responsible digital advertising

Based on a primary literature review and a web review, we built a cartography of the responsible digital advertising ecosystem. Following this very first step, we conducted a series of 21 interviews of the digital advertising most important players.

We then proposed a complete analysis of the digital advertising controversies as well as a definition of a responsible digital advertising and an overview of the existing recommendations about responsible digital advertising.