RATP & Journey 

Using Paris’s public transport system, the Metro, to create new ways to travel. 

Mass tourism which has grown a lot in the past few years isn’t sustainable because of pollution it generate. From now we have to design new means to travel, even in places we think we know by heart. What if metro was a link between us and our journey in parts of Paris that we don’t really know about.  


6 weeks

Second year



Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator)

Mobile application’s mock-up 


Designing what tourism will be tomorrow: when we are no longer able to travel a lot,  what will we do in Paris according to our options? 

Travelling in a place we think we already know

A metro trip can feel like a pleasant ride. You can choose a theme, how many stops to perform as well as a travel duration limit so you can travel even just for the evening. 

After the initial choice the adventure begins, the idea to be able to share it with a friend who can join us potentially at any time.  

resume of scenario   : 1. the  will of changing 2.  The choice  of a way to follow  3. Taking the  informations-ticket 4. RATP journey. 

A Metro-Journey, in Paris. 

The user-scenario of an RATP Journey 

1. On the application, Claire, chooses to be guided and selects no criteria at all. An Artificial Intelligence offers her many choices. On the app she can see the itinerary she is going to take but the metro-stations are not indicated at first.  

2. Going through the turnstile, Claire takes her ticket on which is indicated her precise itinerary, this time with the different stops. 

3. Claire joins the nearest metro station, her one night trip begins. 

4. Agathe meets Claire at the next station, Claire having shared her itinerary with her just before with the app. 

5. Agathe and Claire stop at the many different stops : exhibitions, restaurants, walk in the streets etc…

The application : a dematerialized ticket …

In this application everyone can choose whether to be guided like Claire, or to select a special theme to travel. 

The duration of the journey, as well as prices, number of stops is also customizable. 

The choice of letting go …

 … or to chose a theme…

 … and to share the journey with a friend. 

A ticket becoming an itinerary

and a bookmark

An itinerary – linked with an habit – a memory, durable but not eternal.