Artificial Intelligence and Human

Design of a human centric approach of artificial intelligence

Date & duration: 2020 – 5 months

Skills: Cartography – Workshop conception – Adobe suit

Brief: Conception of a workshop oriented toward a human centric approach of artificial intelligence

Nowadays innovation incentives often find an answer in artificial intelligence-based products. Engineering firms like Thales are eagle to develop more complex products augmented by artificial intelligence. Therefore, in the innovation process, understanding artificial intelligence in a human centric way is becoming crucial.

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Understanding IA examples to design a human centric IA.

Part of Thales’s program “Design for AI”, I conceived a workshop as well as an interactive tool, to enable this human centric understanding of artificial intelligence.

The project involves a hundred examples of artificial intelligence-based products, all analyzed and explained. The way of interacting with the product determined its typology. The discovering of the examples and their typology is the first step of the workshop. Afterward participants can share their thoughts. The innovation process follows, as explained in the workshop timeline.