Traveling by metro

Using Paris’s public transport system, the Metro, to create new ways to travel. 

Date & duration: 2019 – 6 weeks

Skills: Sketch – Adobe suite -Mobile application’s mock-up 

Brief: Design of new ways to travel

Mass tourism which has grown a lot in the past few years pollutes a lot and thus, isn’t sustainable. From now, we have to design new means to travel, even in places we think we know by heart. Travelling by metro is a journey where the metro is a way to discover Paris. 

A dematerialized ticket and a travel based on a chosen theme.

A metro trip can feel like a pleasant ride. You can choose a theme, how many stops to perform as well as a travel duration limit so you can travel even just for the evening. 

After the initial choice the adventure begins, the idea to be able to share it with a friend who can join us potentially at any time.