Perfume Project

Perfume project

Creation of a perfume from idea to making. 

Every object is both unique and intimately linked to what inspires it or what it is made of. The representation of a whole friend in just one intimate object, the perfume bottle, is a rich and complex task. A first part of the exercice has to grasp the different sides of the personality, then we can mock-up what we have found about the person. 


6 weeks

Second year



Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator)

3D modeling



To represent a universe, a personality throughout some object: here the perfume bottle. 

To illustrate a complex identity trough a study mock-up. 

Understanding and sketching

This perfume I chose to create it for Audrey, a friend of mine. First of all I tried to question her on her passions, inspirations and also to think about the way I was seeing her. 

To do this I did many form study’s sketches, as well as a moodboard transcribing her so special identity. 

Early sketches

The final shape of Oroya

Understanding Audrey to create Oroya, named from a tiny cactus. Moodboard. 

A simple shape, transparency and green shade. 

The two parts of the packaging both made of green marble and aluminum interlock, softly hiding the perfume. 

Oroya and the packaging : The aluminium cap, the glass bottle and the marble side of it. 

The mock-up 

I chose to make a resin mock-up. This transparent material was ideal to represent the ambivalence of OROYA : both sweet and solid.

Home-made silicon mold 

Foam mock-up used to create the mold.

Translucent mock-up made with resin. 

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