Neurons & lenght

Introducing « La cité des sciences et de l’industrie » 

Neurons & length 

I firstly created these three little boxes. Fixed on the wall they enable the player to discover the different lengths a neuron can be. 

The player pull the coton and unroll it. His mission is then to guess which part of our body this could be…

the boxes 

From idea… (projection of the image created with adobe XD) 

An experimental game

The projection gives life to the three boxes and guide the player through the experiment.

The neuron appearing and linking the boxes explained the differences that exist between the length of each type of neurons and motoneurons. 

Such differences really make people think about how long some part of their own body can be. Many people tried this little game, and each time they were both intrigued and really amused. Describing it as playful and interesting.   

… to making and playing. 

The creation process of an exhibition 

What really matters in introducing « La cité des sciences et de l’industrie » was also  the explanation of the creation of an exhibition from idea to making. 

I wanted it to be simple and moving as every creative process are. 

An exhibition from idea to making.

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