Exploring Kandinsky’s work through different forms and materials.

Kandinsky’s exploration is composed of two sections. The first one is more about a product approach and the second was created with processing as an animation.


4 weeks

First and third year


Processing (Java) 


Painting, drawing


Exploring Kandinsy’s work, transforming it.

Kandinsky’s Knives

First of all Kandinsky’s project is a two parts exploration of this painter’s works that inspire me. 

The first part of my work is the creation of wood and plexiglas knives, inspired by a painting of Kandinsky. Thanks to this project I had the opportunity to work with wood. To use a wood lathe, to etch graphisms on the wood and to paint it. 

Watercolor painting reproduced by me.

The two knives next to each others.

Wood sphere etched with graphisms inspired from Kandinsky’s paintings. 

Sphere made with a wood lathe.

Playing with movement

The second part of my work is a more numerical design approach. The idea was to let the user play with some Kandinsky’s painting « Blue of sky » by creating movement in it. 

The animation starts with the movement of the yellow ball. 

The animation was made with the application processing and is encoded in Java. 

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