Combining daily activities and habits in a « sphere » making people to keep moving. 

When people arrive at the age of retirement they become less active. Éventuali-Thé is here to make them move, to give them little things to do, outside if the weather isn’t too bad and even with other people if they are connected together. The idea is not to become too inactive for many reasons and firstly because it is important to go out and move when you get older to stay healthy as long as possible.  


6 weeks

Second year



Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator)

3D modeling



To make people move in a society where everyone tends to be more and more sedentary. 

A simple way to move and do something different everyday

The experience starts in the shop where you can tell about your passions, health data or timetable. Then we give you the spheres with the abacus. You can install it at home, maybe next to your breakfast table. 

Every morning you pick a sphere. An activity appears on the sphere indicating what to do depending on your schedule, the weather etc… 

In the evening you can confirm your « mission » of the day by drinking one of the three drinks proposed with Éventuali-Thé and linked to each sphere (one by day). 

The abacus

User’s scenario of Éventuali-Thé.

Éventuali-Thé’s Moodboard. 

A magazine to communicate 

The best way to communicate with the client was paper in order to avoid a too « technological » project. 

Here are some pages of Éventuali-Thé’s magazine. 

The final mock-up of Éventuali-Thé.