Crèche for Creavea

Crèche for Creavea

Customizable Christmas nativity scene.

I did my second year internship at Creavea, next to Montpellier (South of France). Creavea is a creative firm where we create and sell fine arts and DIY products. The idea of my internship was to create one of them and more precisely a nativity scene. I also redesign their mobile website you can go in the Interaction Design category for more informations about it.  


3 weeks

Internship (end of second year)



Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator)


Creating a nativity scene in wood, customizable and simple. 

Discovering & sketching 

The creation of the crèche was before anything else a work of understanding and discovering the different elements constituting of such an object.

I drew a lot to give life to my characters, so they could touch people for whom nativity scene was very religious as well as the ones that were seeing it more as a Christmas’s symbol. 

Early sketches

Illustrator from the drawing.

The crèche set up.

The nativity scene on Creavea’s website.  

You can go and find it at the address !

Always having the production ways’s particularities in mind helps to prevent problems.

Another vision of the nativity scene

A second version, that stayed as I know as a prototype version, is the following. 

The round and tiny style of the graphisms were everything I liked and to my mind it was something for Christmas décoration even non-religious ones. 

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