Prototyping an interactive game with Arduino.

Averse is an installation encoded with Arduino. By feeling around, you can activate the mecanism rotating the tumblers filled with water. The falling water plays a music you’re behind, creating a funny, poetic and musical object wich you can interact with alone or with friends.


6 weeks

Third year







To make people play with water in a way they are not used to.

To create a shared game, an exploration. 

A sensitive and natural game

The idea was to create an installation we could find in a garden or a parc for instance, that will bring the intrigued walkers to interact with it. 

Feeling around, understanding the mecanisms that make the tumblers spill, creating a musical chain reaction like a shower, is totally part of the game.

Exploring alone

Or feeling around with friends

Averse : playing and making. 

Prototyping on Arduino

The Averse’s mecanisms are encoded with Arduino. Powered by two others Arduino-micro and many electric wires.

The servomotors spill the water when someone click on the corresponding button (there are four buttons) hidden by the black tissue drum.

Coding and connecting wires with Arduino

Details of Averse processus.