Analysis of a controversy

Is electric mobility the answer to climate change? 

Date & duration: 2021 – 3 months

Skills: Adobe suit – Analysis of a controversy – Design fiction – Project management

Brief: Analysis of a controversy: the electric mobility

The electric mobility crystallizes many debates and is at the center of our public space. Firms like Tesla are highly valued and almost every car manufacturer has already announced the conception of an electric vehicle. However, the electric mobility does not win unanimous support. We have dived into the subject to understand this phenomenon.

We analysed the electric mobility controversy

First of all, we explored the controversy by looking at its players:  institutions, industry members, users, associations/activists and infrastructures. A media analysis enables us to understand the ins and outs of the controversy regarding each type of actors. In order to further understand their arguments and opinions we explored their imaginary, thus we found myths and narratives for each of them.

A design fiction approach enabled us to open the debate around electric mobilities

What if we could travel through time and explore the controversial choices we haven’t already made? That is precisely what can do the 28th COP. Using a design fiction approach, we figured out three round table debates. Starting by the issue of the electric mobility democratization, we then ask ourselves whether the electric mobility was an effective answer to our ecological challenges. Last but not least, we interrogated the way our societies can evolve depending on our choices around mobility. 

The entire project is based on the analyses we had previously conducted.